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Other landscape views are often created with the lights and colours of sunshine.

In contrast, wooded views provide a vehicle to depict the density of light and shade
and, with this, mystery of
a more ethereal looming atmosphere,
with the depth and richness of dark tones.

The entire experience of being in
the heart of a woodland enhances
the artist's creative vision, from the feelings of shelter and sanctuary, grandeur and majesty of the wooded expanse, aside the woodland floor, with a reaching and stretching skyward,
from root to sub-branch.

This evokes feelings of a deeper 
universal spiritual significance, not least,
through feelings of collectiveness between species and the wider woodland.

The world experienced by seen flora and fauna inhabiting and co-existing, focuses human curiosity and awe.
The visual affects of the sun and moon create speckled light or lacery of branch structures
in shadow format for the artist to interpret. 

Art walks often include woodland in all seasons and, because of the intensity of experience,
work is often carried out intuitively
and spontaneously with speed and vibrance,
at least in the initial stages. 

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