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Cliffs Caverns

& Caves



The hidden details of landscape


Walking on stony ground,

with feet over organic forms

of invisible fauna,


flint, chalk and larger rock,

gleam in the sun, 
while doused by the rain.



Back in the studio,

consciously working on

a smaller, more condensed scale,

even microscopic,

brings to light

interpretations of flora and fauna

hidden from view.




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Unique Originals



Mixed media

In varying formats:

  • ​Deep canvas

  • Framed canvas

  • Paper, framed

  • Mounted/unglazed

Unique Originals



Box framed

£75 - £1000

Achival Prints

Hand-finished (unique) 

Limited edition

In varying formats:

  • Paper

  • Canvas wrap

  • Acrylic high-gloss boards

£50 - £500

Descriptions of work and prices quoted are for original unique works. Prices are made by Paypal and include delivery to UK mainland, unless marked as 'large work' after price, requiring specialist transit.

If checkout details are not displaying or you wish for further details on any of the pieces,

please complete the form on the contact page.


All work on paper is either mounted and framed (M/F) or framed only (F). Perspex (plexi-glass) is used for safe transit in place of glass. Where work described as on 'deep canvas', it is not framed. Work on canvas that denotes framed only (F) is on shallow canvas.

See below for general information on original work and price for prints, see guide below.


All unique and reproduced work purchased remains the intellectual copyright of the artist.

The artist or her agent only may reproduce the work.


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