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The following two projects, are examples of what i can provide for organisations and individuals.Each was of three months duration,  and involved participants with additional needs.



Using random paper clippings, sweet wrappers, fabric, thrown away metal, participants worked individually cut up and ordered on the scanner.

After working the scanned imagery


as a group, they drew a facial portrait and collaged the torn-up printed images onto it. 

(photo of finished  portrait not available)













Tree of Life


The group collected natural materials from local woodland. They then took turns to draw the rings of a cross-sectioned tree and placed a collected leaf, grass, twig, seedhead, flower inside each ring in repeat. They individually scanned parts of it in


and painted onto it in Windows Paint.


They cut out the tree rings and printed their digital work, presented both in an exhibition. 











Peer to i360

using Recycled materials from 

Brighton beach near site of West Peer 

12 week project/festival exhibition

Buckingham Road/Belgrave Day Centres


Textile Art projects over 18 months

Natural Visions

Out of the Recycling Crate

Care Co-op Day Centre





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